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KFP Briefings - Fall 2013

Peggy Reetz participates in Cyber Security Roundtable with other industry specialists. See, http://www.financierworldwide.com/login.php?url=article.php?id=11428

KFP Briefings - Spring 2009

Leadbetter Fair Pay Act by Ciara Frost, Jodi Marvet
Wisconsin Supreme Court Preemption Case by Terry Hackett
Recovery Act Update on HIPAA by Peggy Reetz
FTC Guidelines re: Online Ads

KFP Briefings - Winter/Spring 2008

Healthcare Claims - General vs. Professional Negligence by Kristin McMahon and Timothy Kelly;
Doctor Surveys by Ciara Ryan Frost and Randy Psenicka
KFP Prevails in District Court

KFP Briefings - Summer 2007

KFP Wins Appeal in Seventh Circuit
Legislative Update: Competing Anti-Spyware Bills by Margaret Reetz and Heather Chelberg
Supreme Court Decision - Employer Liability by Mark Wilson and David Groundwater
Backdating of Stock Option Grants by Kristin McMahon and Scott Wallace

KFP Briefings - Spring 2007

Legislative Update: Data Security, Breach Notification by Margaret Reetz and Heather Chelberg
Punitive Damages - Supreme Court Decision by Scott Wallace and Terry Hackett
California Reinsurance Regulation - Effective January 2007.

The KFP Commercial Bulletin - April 2009

The Illinois Credit Agreements Act - Aid for the Loose-Lipped Lender
Court Broadly Interprets Vendorís Endorsement in Product Liability Cases
Issue of Arbitrability Delayed a Collateral Sale

The KFP Commercial Bulletin - January 2009

Supreme Court Rules Against Preemption
New "Pay-to-Play" Ethics Law Applies to Banks and Other Businesses
Amendments to the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code

The KFP Commercial Bulletin - November 2008

Cashier's Checks Treated Like Notes - Can Be Dishonored for Fraud
Notice of Intent to Sell Collateral Must Be Specific - Scope of the Security Interest May Not Cover Down-Payment Installments


Timothy W. Kelly and Kristin D. McMahon, Healthcare Facility Patient Injury Claims: Do They Sound in General Negligence or Professional Liability? (Professional Liability Underwriting Society Journal, April 2009).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Michaela N. Ryan, ERISA and Managed Care Liability Update (BCS Insurance Company Twentieth Annual Professional Liability Conference, September 10 - 13, 2006).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Michaela N. Ryan, The Davila Legacy (July 2005).

Kristin McMahon, Jack McCarthy, Robert Goodson, Joshua Stein and Dianne O'Donnell, Healthcare Technology's Impact on Medical Malpractice (Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference, May 5-6, 2005)

Ciara Ryan Frost and Joan E. Brady, The United States Supreme Court's Decision in Davila Provides Much Needed Clarity on the Scope of ERISA Pre-emption of Managed Care Decisions (Summer 2004).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Kristin D. McMahon, Managed Care 2003: Litigation Trends & Issues (Sept. 2003).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Catherine Keenan, The Ohio Supreme Court's Ruling in Dardinger v. Anthem: Does It Signal a New Trend in Approaches to Punitive Damage Awards Against Managed Care Organizations? (Sept. 2003).

Christopher Kerns and Kristin McMahon, Medical Malpractice Insurance Liability Update: A Brief Commentary on the Current State of Affairs (Crittenden Medical Insurance Conference, May 8-9, 2003).

Ciara Ryan Frost, Managed Care Liability Update (American Bar Association Managed Care Teleconference, Apr. 11, 2003).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Jodi Marvet, Cicio v. Vytra Healthcare: Another Blow to the Defense of ERISA Preemption in Utilization Review Decisions (Spring 2003).

Marc Pearlman and David Kane, Understanding the "Late Notice" Coverage Defense Under Claims-Made and Occurrence Policies, (American Bar Association, Litigation Section, Tucson, Arizona, Mar. 6, 2003).

Ciara Ryan Frost and Kristin D. McMahon, Recent Developments in Managed Care Liability Exposures (Sept. 23, 2002).


Jessica O'Neill and Margaret Reetz, In Case You Haven't Noticed: An Overview of State Security Breach Notice Laws, (Advisen Cyber Liability Journal, August 2012).

Margaret A. Reetz is interviewed in an article on Cyber Insurance, Like a good neighbor, cyber insurance is here, by Corey E. Stephenson.( LawyersUSA, April 21, 2008).

Margaret Reetz, Acute Cyber Care: How Privacy and Security Affect Board Rooms and Bottom Lines as Health Care's Wireless World Comes of Age (Risk RX - Integro's Healthcare Update, Fourth Quarter 2007).

Margaret Reetz, PROGRAM: 21st Century Risks and Age-Old Insurance Clauses, panelist (ABA Business Section Spring Meeting, April 6 - 8, 2006).

Margaret Reetz, Insuring the Intangible, interview (Best's Review, February 2006)


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Insurance Coverage

Elizabeth A. Pitrof and Jason P. Minkin, An Examination of Coverage Disputes Involving Restitution And/Or Disgorgement In Light Of Pan Pacific v. Gulf, MEALEY'S Emerging Insurance Disputes, Vol.12, #1 January 10, 2007


Elizabeth A. Pitrof and Scott A. Wallace, Recent Trends in Litigation from Kerns Pitrof Frost & Pearlman - Expanded Primary Liability Under Section 10(b), (October 2006)

KFP Fidelity Case Notes

Mark E. Wilson, KFP Fidelity Case Notes, (October 2006)

Banking and Financial Institutions

Mark E. Wilson, Banking Industry Standards Relevant to Coverage and Recoveries Under the Revised Uniform Commercial Code, 5 FIDELITY L.J. 79 (1999).

Mark E. Wilson, How to Prepare and Present a Fidelity Claim: Advice for the Insured, THE BRIEF, Spring 1999, at 54.

Mark E. Wilson, Fidelity Coverage for E-Commerce Fraud, THE BRIEF, Fall 2001, at 40.

Class Action

Elizabeth Pitrof and Jason Minkin, Corporate Scandals: The Ripple Effect Upon Shareholder Derivative Litigation (Aug. 2003).

Elizabeth Pitrof and Jason Minkin, Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (Sept. 24, 2003).

Employment Discrimination

Elizabeth Pitrof and Debra Goldberg, Desert Palace Inc. d/b/a Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino v. Costa (June 12, 2003).


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