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Sadly, one in five children is a victim of sexual abuse by a trusted adult. Started by Marc Pearlman in 2002, The Sex Abuse and Child Protection Initiative is a special cause for Kerns, Frost & Pearlman. This Initiative was created not only through the professional dedication of our attorneys, but through our personal investment in protecting children and assisting victims of sexual abuse. We are honored to work with such courageous clients.


These ideals guide our Initiative, and each survivor's courageous act of coming forward to break the silence and protect others inspires our own aggressive fight for this cause.

Empowerment and Healing. A victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted adult often feels alone. Guilt, shame, and helplessness often accompany years of denial. We make it a priority to see that survivors are acknowledged, respected, and believed by both the abuser that violated their trust, and the institutions that shielded that abuser from having to face the consequences of his or her crimes. We endeavor to assist survivors to reclaim the hope, power and voice that they lost as children.

Pursuit of Justice. Our team employs aggressive traditional legal strategies as well as innovative and effective non-traditional legal approaches to help victims reclaim what was taken from them, and prevent re-victimization. We use these strategies to make perpetrators and the institutions that harbor perpetrators take financial and moral responsibility for destroying or permanently altering the lives of the innocent children and vulnerable adults that were abused. We also work closely with support groups and local, state, and federal law enforcement authorities to see that perpetrators are publicly exposed and, if possible, prosecuted for their crimes.

Protection by Effecting Change. Our dedication does not end with a settlement or verdict for our clients. Armed with the stories of our courageous clients, our team works to shine a spotlight on the perpetrators of abuse, and the shameful acts of the institutions that protect abusers. We endeavor to turn the tide in favor of children and victims and to force the institutions we are supposed to trust to become open, transparent, and accountable for their actions and inactions. Through the Sex Abuse and Child Protection Initiative, we are committed to working with victim advocacy groups and law makers to have statutes of limitations abolished and other laws changed in favor of sexual abuse victims, children, and vulnerable adults.



We realize that there is strength in numbers and that we are fighting an epidemic of child abuse. Since 2001, Kerns, Frost & Pearlman, LLC, has maintained an exclusive and strategic collaborative relationship in Chicago with Jeff Anderson & Associates, P.A. of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Jeff Anderson has dedicated his entire career to helping sex abuse victims and protecting children and vulnerable adults. He has over 25 years of experience representing survivors of sex abuse and is a recognized and respected leader in the area of child protection and victim advocacy, both nationally and abroad.

This strategic relationship allows our firms to work together, unite our minds, extend our network of support throughout the State of Illinois and around the country, and draw upon a wealth of experience, skills and resources for unparalleled client representation.

To learn more about Jeff Anderson and his work with survivors of sexual abuse, go to:

Anderson Advocates