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Since 2002, we have helped more than 100 people recover in excess of $50,000,000 for claims of child sexual abuse against trusted adults including: clerics, counselors, teachers, coaches, and their employers. Among others, we have pursued cases against the following:


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago
Order of St. Augustine (Augustinians)
Youth for Christ, U.S.A., Inc.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet, Illinois
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
The Claretian Missionaries
The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
Order of Carmelites
Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockford, Illinois
Christian Brothers of De LaSalle
Congregation of the Passion (Passionists)
The Conventional Franciscans
Salesians of Don Bosco (Salesians)
The Greek Orthodox Church
Marquette Manor Baptist Church
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary (Indiana).
The Dominicans


Fr. Robert C. Becker
Fr. Joseph Bennett
Fr. Kenneth Brigham
Rev. Vincent Bryce
Fr. Daniel P. Buck
Fr. James Burnett
Fr. Eugene Burns
Fr. Mark Campobello
Fr. Thomas Cannon
Phil Capperlleri
James A. Cohen
Fr. William Cloutier
Fr. Robert Craig
Fr. John Curran
Fr. Jeremiah Duggan
Thomas Fairclough
Fr. Ted Feely
Fr. Joseph Fitzharris
Edward D. Greene
Fr. James C. Hagan
Fr. Daniel M. Holihan
Fr. Walter Huppenbauer
Fr. Thomas Job
Nicholas Katinas
Fr. Thomas Kelly
Fr. John "Jack" Keough
Fr. Joseph Kissane
Fr. Leonard Kmak
Fr. Fred Lenczycki
Fr. Norbert Maday
Thomas Marotta
Fr. Robert Mayer
Fr. Vincent McCaffrey
Fr. Daniel McCormack
Fr. Donald J. McGuire
Fr. Pete McNamara
Fr. Donald J. Mulsoff
Fr. John Murphy
Fr. William J. O'Brien
Fr. John B. Ormechea
Fr. Joseph Owens
Fr. Emmanuel Pallakummel
Fr. Eusebio Pantoja
Fr. Thomas Perramo
Fr. Carlos Peralta
Fr. Donald Pock
Fr. John Powell
Fr. Chester Przybylo
Br. Robert Murphy
Fr. Emmett Regan
Fr. John Robinson
Fr. Russell Romano
Fr. Kenneth Ruge
Donald Ryniecki
Fr. Wilton Skiffington
Fr. Raymond Skriba
Fr. Richard Skriba
Fr. Marion Snieg
Fr. James Steele
Fr. Edward Stefanich
Fr. Ralph Strand
Fr. Thomas Swade
Br. Mark Theidens
Fr. Donald Ultowski
Richard A. Emerson