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Kerns, Frost & Pearlman, L.L.C. (KFP) was founded in January 2001 by a group of principals who previously were partners in a major international law firm. Seeking to practice law in a smaller, more flexible, client-focused environment, we established a firm that offers our clients not only cost-efficient, high-quality service, but also a more thoughtful, "big picture" approach to solving problems.

We offer expert counsel and support primarily, but not exclusively, to clients in financial industries, including insurance, reinsurance and banking. The 16 attorneys at the firm provide a range of special skills that provide a spectrum of services to our clients - from program development and policy drafting, to financial product development, to analyzing coverage risks, to arbitration and litigation of complex cases. In every matter, we bring a thorough understanding of the issues, opportunities and solutions to serve the client's long-term best interests.

Our offices are located in downtown Chicago at 30 West Monroe, Suite 1600, and in Bannockburn, a northern Chicago suburb, at 2201 Waukegan Road, Suite 160.

Our Philosophy

KFP prides itself on the depth and range of services it offers its clients. Our firm's strength is based on understanding - our clients' businesses, their legal challenges, their adversaries, and most importantly, the solutions that will get them the results they need. We provide thorough and tailored solutions to clients rather than off-the-shelf answers. We make it our goal to creatively counsel "outside the box" on the legal and business implications of any situation. We believe our firm is unique in its philosophy of supporting clients by providing business and legal counseling that ultimately may result in legal risks being diminished or eliminated altogether.

From our former practices at preeminent, international law firms, we know first-hand how to provide the highest quality legal service, yet we deliver that level of service in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner. We achieve that goal by focusing on quality, not billable hours. Unlike many firms, we have low billable hour requirements and consider alternative fee arrangements. Our lawyers have an incentive to provide the highest quality legal work and win cases, not bill hours. We have also made a significant investment in technology, which allows us to provide more efficient legal services.

Our lawyers are service-oriented professionals with a deep and sophisticated understanding of our clients' businesses. We also like working with each other, and our firm's camaraderie fosters a synergy among talent pools that benefits our clients and, we believe, makes us unique.

To speak with one of our partners, call (312) 261-4550 or click here to send us a message through our Web site.